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The National Institute of Health's U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends screening for Depression and Drinking in their "Guide to Clinical Preventative Services".

If you are looking for quality improvement activities for NCQA, check out the following link(look at anxiety disorders, mood disorders and alcohol abuse), and then consider implementing a quality program with AuroraMD.

Preventive Behavioral Health: Example Interventions for MBHO Standard PH 4

Psychiatric disease accounts for a large portion of years lived with disability.


with depression a growing concern.

disease burden measure in Disabilty-adjusted Life Years

With depression being the 2nd leading cause of DALY's (Disability Adjusted Life Years) in developed countries.

Why does AuroraMD screen for depression and anxiety? Because they go together more often than lay people think.

Depression Comorbid with Anxiety: Results From the WHO Study on Psychological Disorders in Primary Health Care

The current system of identifying psychiatric disorders is inadequate, as the following article points out. AuroraMD solves these problems.

Primary care psychiatry is not specialist psychiatry in general practice. Current psychiatric diagnostic systems are not useful for general practice

Currently only 19% of people with anxiety and depression, who go to primary care providers, get appropriate treatment. AuroraMD screening services will change that.

The Quality of Care for Depressive and Anxiety Disorders in the United States

Yes, depression can be treated but only if it is detected, which is where AuroraMD comes is.

Major Depressive Disorder from mentalhealth.com

Treatment options for the 17 million americans with depression.

Depression Treatment: An Overview

Archives of Family Medicine / AMA reports in this study that treatment of depression leads to better outcomes.

Can Depression Treatment in Primary Care Reduce Disability?

Depression Treatment In Primary Care Improves Patient Outcome

From Archives of General Psychiatry via the AMA.

Cost-effectiveness of Systematic Depression Treatment for High Utilizers of General Medical Care

"A systematic primary care-based treatment program can substantially increase adequate antidepressant treatment, decrease depression severity, and improve general health status compared with usual care."

Randomized Trial of a Depression Management Program in High Utilizers of Medical Care

Depression is linked to strokes.

Depressive Symptoms and Increased Risk of Stroke Mortality Over a 29-Year Period

"Men with clinical depression are more than twice as likely to develop coronary artery disease".

Depression Is a Risk Factor for Coronary Artery Disease in Men

More links between depression and heart disease.

The Relationship of Depression to Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology, Biology, and Treatment

Physicians find it useful to screen for depression, even when they have to do it by hand. Imagine how they would feel about it if it was automated.

National outreach effort: A simple way you can screen for depression

Depression and diabetes care.

Depression and Diabetes :Impact of Depressive Symptoms on Adherence, Function, and Costs

Kaiser Permanente looks at depression.

The Depression Initiative: An Alliance to Improve Treatment

Read a general overview of social phobia here if you need a little background on this serious condition.

Psychometric properties of the Social Phobia Inventory (SPIN) from The British Journal of Psychiatry. AuroraMD uses these and other reliable and valid instruments.

Discussion: How Is Recovery From Social Anxiety Disorder Defined?

from psychiatrist.com

Social Anxiety Disorder: A Common, Underrecognized Mental Disorder

from American Family Physician

"At any given time, a startling 4.5 percent of the population meets the diagnostic criteria, making social anxiety disorder the third most common mental disorder in the nation, after depression and alcoholism".

Anxiety Disorder - a problem beyond simple shyness - from CNN.com Health

...and there are effective treatments for social phobia too.

Pharmacotherapy of Social Anxiety Disorder from psychiatrist.com

Physicians not currently following recommendations for alcohol screening

Primary care physicians' views on screening and management of alcohol abuse: inconsistencies with national guidelines

AuroraMD IS cost effective patient screening services.


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